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We will general information about national honors in different countries.

In many countries, national honors are awarded to citizens who have made significant contributions to their country in various fields, such as arts, science, business, politics, and community service. These honors are usually awarded by the government or the head of state and are considered the highest recognition is given to citizens.

In Nigeria, national honors are awarded by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to deserving citizens who have distinguished themselves in various fields. The National Honours Award is divided into five categories, namely:

The awards are usually given during the Independence Day celebrations on October 1st each year, and they are meant to celebrate the contributions of citizens to the development of Nigeria.

Recipients of national honors in Nigeria are expected to be of good character, have made significant contributions to the nation, and have served as role models to others. The awards are seen as a way of encouraging citizens to work towards the development of the country and to serve as a source of inspiration to others.

ATTENDANCE I one hundred and forty-seven Traditional Rulers attended the meeting.

APOLOGIES: HAI Eze Ernest Onyetoro Isulcusto, an Ese Prot. 3. u.

Okorie – Dende, and HRN Eze Elder) 5. A. Okorie (37) Chetia wrote for permission to be absent.

OPENING PRAYER: Eze M.N. Achara said the opening prayers at 11,20m PRESENTATION OF KOLANUTS The Chairman, munneochi Council of Nolaze presented kola nuts to the meeting. After the traditional rites, Eas

G.I. Ezekwesiri blessed the kola nuts and pouted libation.

CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKS: The chairman, Kze J. o. Akalizo thanked everybody present at the meeting for being on time. He said that during the meetings “issues affecting the zone would be discussed and also questions asked whether the zone was getting what was due to it. He pleaded that the meeting is taken more seriously and that every member should endeavour to attend and be on time. READING OF THE LAST MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting held at

Istikwuate Local Government Area headquarters on 5 August 2011 were


CORRECTION OF MINUTES: It was pointed out that the name of the kidnapped soldier from Bende is Captain Dennia Ekpe and not Dennis Eke as recorded in paragraph 2 of page 3 of the minutes. It was also observed that the name of the former Transition Committee chairman of Isuikwuato Local Government Area, Deacon Timothy Onwuks who was represented by the Head of Service Prince Okenwa Ichie was not stated in paragraph 3 of page 3 of the said minutes.

After the above corrections were made, Eze A. A. Nwatiriipo moved for the adoption of the minutes and the motion was seconded by Eze 8. A. Okoronkwo. The minutes were adopted and amended. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES:

COLLECTION OF MONTHLY STIPEND FROM THE MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND CHIEFTAINCY AFFAIRS The chairman reported that the Advisory Committee Chairmen have started collecting their monthly stipend (Cheques) directly from the MLGCA and this was confirmed by the advisory committee chairmen present.

CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE TO THOSE WHO WON ELECTIONS DURING THE APRIL, 2011 GENERAL ELECTIONS: The secretary reported that the congratulatory message had been sent to those from the zone who won elections during the April 2011 General Elections as was agreed in the last meeting. The affected people are Senator Uche Chukwumerije Hon. Nnenna Ukeje – Abia North Senatorial zone Bende Federal Constituency

Hon. Arun Akunst A non. Udo oko Chukwu Antis rederal Conatiesy Teulkusto/Ummnaochs rederal Cenetidenny -Ohatia Harth State Constituency peekes, Abis Otate House of Aneby)

7. Hon: Chukwudi John Ogele Inuikwunto tate Constituency

Hon. Prince kedi Baekwonil- Uunneochi tate Constituency Bende South State Constituendy -Bende Horth late Constituency

Hon. F. C. Onyegt Hon. Makve jukwu

10. Hen. Ukaha Mha -chatie Bouth State Constituency. -Acoshokwu atate Constituency

11. Rt. Hon. Agwu 11. Agus

KIDNAPPED PERSONS FROM THE ZONE: The Chairman Inquired whether the two kidnapped persons from the one had been released. It was reported that one of them, Eze D.H. Urere, kidnapped at Aba had been released while the other. Captain Dennis Ekpe kidnapped between Nguru Edda Junction and Anaekpu Ohafia has not been released. The Council thanked God for the release of Eze D.M. Urere. Eze D.M. Ufere in his reaction said that he was grateful to the Council for the concern they showed during his ordeal. The Council condemned the continued detention of Captain Dennis Ekpe. The Council thanked the person who reported the matter to the National Assembly. Eze D.M. Ufere asked whether they had made any demand and the answer was No. It was agreed that a letter is written to the Chairman. Ebonyi State Council of Ndieze and other relevant Government Agencies complaining that our son who was kidnapped last August has not been released. On whether the matter could be given publicity through the radio as suggested by Eze 1.G. Ikoro,

it was agreed that this being a security matter, publicity would be a last resort. The Chairman requested a traditional Ruler to pray for the release of our son. HRH Eze Evang. Ogbuka A. Origa volunteered and prayed for his release and condemned the abduction.

SHOOTING OF DR. CHUKWU ABALI:- The Chairman, of Item Traditional Royal Council, Eze Innocent Asogu Eze reported that Dr Chukwu Abali from Ameke Item, Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia was shot in the hospital premises. Eze Chris Nwankwo from Arochukwu moved that the shooting was bad and it was roundly condemned by the Council.


GIFT TO THE CHAIRMAN BY ISUIKWUATO COUNCIL OF NDIEZE:- The Chairman told the meeting that Isuikwuato Council of Ndieze gave him a go during the st meeting held at Isuikwuato and asked the Council to thank them. Eze Rowland Ekeoma thanked the Isuikwaato people for the manner the Council was received and entertained and for the gift of the Chairman.

RECOMMENDATION OF EZE J.O. AKALIRO FOR NATIONAL HONOUR BY THE S GOVERNMENT: HRM Eze K.O. Ikonte told the Council that the Chair Eze J.0. Akaliro was recommended for National Honour (MER) by

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