My dearly beloved father, Ekpa James Onwe, in fact, lacks words, I don’t know where to start. What moves throughIt is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more hug. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we are ready to say goodbye. Daddy, I feel so empty without you, so confused but I cannot question God. You were such a wonderful father to me. Thank you very much for all you have done for me, raising me up to be what I am today. A TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED FATHER


You made life so easy for me and my siblings that lacked nothing growing up, always putting your children first before yourself Daddy. miss you so much, your golden voice, and continue to reminisce on your life. But I am holding on to your memory that is so strong.

My life can never be the same and that is something that will never change. Your spirit will be with us forever and one day you will guide us all into the light where we will reunite. Daddy, I will never forget you As I visited you in December, little did I know that will be my last talk with you Even in the sick bed, you were still concerned about my work and family.

Daddy, I promise we will continue to live a life worthy of emulation which will make you happy and will always maintain your legacy From my memories, you will never be erased. You have been a source of strength for all these years and even now Although in your presence, life would have followed a different path, each day would be full of life with lots of love and new beginnings. Just feel blessed to be your son. thank God for giving me a father like you. will miss you and feel your presence always.

Adieu my beloved daddy till we see to part no more. I love you

Good night father of all fatherless,

Adieu Nwoke Ocha

Adieu Loving And Caring Father Adieu Great Father Of Peace And Justice

Your (2nd Son) Ekpa Sunday

I didn’t know it would come so soon, we were all so positive that you will recover and we are powerful and willing to restore you, we prayed as everything depend on prayer, and we follow every medical advice and procedure as directed by the health expert Death is uninvited but like an honorable guest that pays every home a visit.

The mo painful aspect of it is that it comes when no man is real for it, death is a part of life and once is strikes someone you so dearly love, your existence will never be the same the truth is we all will papa your death has created a lot of vocum and pains in my heart with uncontrolled tears from my eyes Oh death you have taken my source of joy, the only man that cares for me, the man that knows my heart the man that knows when am in need, so caring and loving father a man with a good hearth.


Papa you fever be in my health until it stops beating, my prayer is, let your absence be better than your presence in this family in Jesus’ name the measure of a man is how much love he gives these measure my father was immeasurable, I lost my daddy, but only in the body not in spirit. I love you papa both new and Exever Adive Father Of Peace Adine Nwoke Oche Adine Omere Ore

May Your Gentle Soul Rest In Peace Until We Met Again

Your Daughter Ekpa Chioma

You are set just a father, you were my confident Your ring voice was enough propeller from me to go on and conquer sin a look at your face ever without ring a word is enough guidance and direction to me, I remember all your are still in this world papa, I thought you would have stay ow what this would is all about to me. Papa how I wish today is your thanksgiving, I thought you will one day testify the goodnen of the lord in your life over this sickness that you have been suffering.

Papel will never forget you in all the days of my life because you have planted the seed that yield the fruit of successful and bright future in my life. I was thinking of bow to reward you but the cold hand of death never allowed my ambition to ma fox you to reap the fruit of your labour papa you passed into glory in the early hours of 13 January 2021 even though it felt like was looming.


It is like a dream but yet a reality that my loving and caring father in-law is no more departure on earth is unbelievable one. But I cmot question God because He knows the best. No wonder the book of Ecclesiastes said “there is time for everything, time to born and time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest” this seasonal period to humanity has prove to me that nothing takes God aneware. My father in-law, your exit on earth has left a great vacuum, but the good work of your hand and your good advices to me will keep ringing in my heart forever, because you have thought me how to live my life and achieve a great destiny as a young lady. Papa my best friend love and I cherish, but God loves you most.

Rest in peace a great Hero Aden Nwoke Oma

Adieu my smiler

Adieu my best friend

Adien best teacher Adieu my father lo-law

Adieu Nwoke Ocha

Papa rest in peace till we meet in the resurrection to part no more Nwede Eunice Ekpa


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