Best BIOGRAPHY to a Father or Mother

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Best BIOGRAPHY to a Father or Mother


Best BIOGRAPHY to a Father or Mother Ito axiomatic mat life span is not measured in its duration but in its quality. Late pa Ekpa James Onwe left this world in January 2021 living his good people and exploits beyond. But his life while on earthly sojourn speaks volume and reverberate like an echo Should we believe those good things do not last? Who knows God’s plan for man? These were rhetorical questions for those who had ever come in contact with him. It is still a mystery and unfathomable, especially in the realm of carnality that my amiable father obeyed the icy hand of death living his lovely children in such great bewilderment. In fact, it was as if a great earthly pet has dropped from an unreachable rather and its contents scattered. This man of versatility and pragmatism, daring and unparallel qualities- late pa Ekpa James Onwe received a noble birth in the early 60s to the family of Owwe Okpo Eze of Okpochiri Ukwaghs Ngbo, in Umuraku Ndiere Inuma dynasty. In the early 70s, this man of great exploits sojourned to Ndalo Agals I Addo Local Government Area of Benue State with his confidant and true friend Aguma Eze and settled at Oja Agala Market for bicycle repairing and maintenance He distinguished himself there before returning to Aguorie Ukwaagha Ngbo with his master and friend. In search of a greener pasture, he heeded to advice of a good Samaritan to relocate to Umczaka Nybo

There, he lived with Onah Nwogwa

His interest to rise above mean life and pen his name in the book of record of influential people in the society, continued unabatedly Such a need for higher self-esteem called for another relocation to Obodo Eje He lived with Ewuru Ogene and by naturalization became a citizen of Ndiede Ugadu of Umuofo Kindred in Umczaka Ngbe, where he was highly bonceed till his death. Late pa Ekpa James Onwe was a special man to God and for that reason had special Messing in marital life He got married to a village belle-cewe Elizabeth Awo 1973 from a reputable family of Ogwudu Oba, Amaonyika Kindred of

Umaraka Ngbo. And to charge his empire, typical of an African man, he got a second wife in 1979 Mrs. Onwe Agnes a daughter of Idah Nwagbooba from the same Amaonyika dynasty of Umuezeaka. This, put into manifest the popular ngbo adig”Ephia Kwerum, achirye ugbona aboo” In the education cycle, pa’s zeal and passion for education were second to none. He obtained his first school leaving certificate (FSLC) from the Renowned Central School, Unmezzaka Ngbo in the year 1981,

Adult secondary school at central school Ngbo 1993-1997. He did not believe that adversity as an integral part of life would weigh down his curiosity and resolve to excel in different human endeavors. Ipso facto, he proceeded to teachers training college, Igberga Abakalki from 1997-2000. As an intellectual icon, he out-chased his contemporaries. He was appointed and confirmed as a teacher on 1 July 2002 Like Oliver twist, he needed more, and on 31 December 2006, he bagged a National Certificate of Education (NCE) from the National Teachers Institute, Kaduna


He taught in so many Schools like Central School Ngbo, Unity primary school Ndiaga-icha Umonzeska Ngbo, Central School Unaka Ngbo, primary school Ndiaguelags Umezeska Ngbo, and Primary School Aburagwe Amoffia Ngho His social life was not different from per excellence and worthy of reckoning As a human activist, he was never happy except those around him was happy. In fact, his lifestyle corroborates with John Stuart Mill- a great Economist’s theory of utilitarianism, states that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be pursued, and such individual will be subsumed in a “general will”. This amute businessman and a nation-builder (teacher) was successful in all ramifications and attained his highest self-esteem. Papa was a village chairman obodo Eje Umaezeaka Ngbo, spearheading the emergence of another autonomous village due to the vast nature of the village. The then Ndiagu Nwazu also elected him the village head to reciprocate his gesture. Others included chairman Umutzeaka Traders’ Linion, member of Okwo Ngbo Bicycle Dealers Association, Patron Ukwagha Umunda association, Umaczaka Ngbo Branch, PTA Chairman Dominion Magnet Secondary School Ndiaga Ode Umaraka Ngbo. In fact, Papa’s rare qualities include, being a trail-blazer, peacemaker, team-spirited, easy-going, counselor, humanitarian, and above all, resourceful Like Okonkwo in “Things Fall Apart” his fame rested on solid personal achievements.

In Christendom, late Pa Ekpa James Onwe allowed spirituality and was in a strong affinity with his maker. He never kept God in abeyance even as an astute businessman. Life challenges tossed him to God in the year 1971. After baptism and confirmation, he never relented as a devout in Methodist Church. He was a chorister and rose to a position of a leader in it. He was an active member of the Methodist Men fellowship, and had organized, from time to time “Youth for Christ seminars in many local churches within his community and outside.

As the remains of this silent achiever will be interred on 9 April 2021, we say, may the soil of this earth rest gently on him till the resurrection day Adieu Okocha Miru Ekpa Nwogodo


We wish to express our profound gratitude to God almighty for this day he has made to be a success for us. We extend our gratitude to the bishop of Ngbo diocese, all the ministers, and entire members of Ngbo diocese for their show of love through prayer, financial support, and moral advice during this trying period. We also thank our family members. the community, and the committee of friends for their supportive role to ensure the success of our father’s burial. We sincerely wish and our prayer that the good lord who has seen us through thus so far, will bless you and grant you a safe journey back to your different destination in Jesus’ Name.

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